Solaric Started Shipments to Tanzania

Posted on: September 24th, 2014

Tanzania, Africa, an area where only 14 percent have access to electricity, where only 26% of the population are from urban that have access to government subsidized electricity. The rural areas are completely off-grid and only 3% of the people living in these rural areas use electricity, while the rest of the population live even more extreme, primitive lifestyles. The country faces a major challenge of providing 86 percent of the remaining population access to electricity. This requires huge investments, therefore, there is a massive need for both international and local investors to participate in expanding the countryís power sector. SOLARIC has now joined in the collaborate effort in banishing darkness in Tanzania where they are stricken by the lack of access to power.

SOLARIC starts shipment of its 3G Solar Home Systems, Digital Pre-paid meter, Nano optimizer, and Code Generator to Tanzania on September, 24, 2014.