Driverless LED Lamp

Driverless LED Tubed LightSolaric developed a special driver-less LED lamp that can be driven directly from the solar Optimizer using the “direct-drive” technique which offers 3 distinctive advantages over the standard LED lamps using lossy driver.

Key Advantages

1. Up to 10x Longer life
Solaric LED lamp offers the true LED life (50,000 hours) whereas standard LED lamps are limited by the life of the driver which is determined by the quality and performance of electrolytic capacitor used in the driver circuit.
An expensive and good quality electrolytic capacitor has a limited of 5000 hours which degrades significantly (life becomes half for every 10 degree rise of operating temperature) as the temperature of the LED lamp rises internally. This is also the same reason why the LED lamps do not last much longer than CFL lamps which suffers from the same limitation.

2. 20% Higher Efficiency
Solaric LED lamp offers higher luminous efficacy than the standard LED lamps by as much as 20% depending on the quality of the driver used in the standard LED lamps.

3. Lower Cost
The OEM cost has been reduced significantly by removing the driver from the lamp
The cost of the driver becomes significant as the lamp size becomes smaller. For example: the cost of the driver could be as high as 30% of the lamp for 3W or smaller LED lamps.