Solar APS

APSThe APS is a highly efficient DC/DC converter that produces high voltage DC from low voltage battery (12V) or PV input. Conversion loss is so low that it is now possible to use it in the low power off-grid solar applications as well as on grid establishments as secondary power source.

The static loss is so small that the device can now remain ON (no manual switching OFF required) 24/7. The innovative “Eco-Power” mode can be used to dim the Driverless LED Lamp and thereby saving energy and increasing the backup time significantly.

The solar APS allows the user to use any standard appliances such as SOLARIC driverless LED lamp, AC CFL Lamps, mobile phone charger, lantern charger etc. from low voltage DC battery.


Produces high voltage DC from low voltage Battery input using PWM control and high frequency switching. The key feature is very low static loss and high efficiency to make the device ideal for low power solar applications.

Power Regulator

Regulates the output voltage of the DC/DC regulator using the combined signal from the user input and also the battery condition from the Charge controller block and offers three 3 distinctive functions:
I. Controls the luminance level of the Solaric LED tubes by user control and saves energy from the battery to elongate the battery back up time. This function is a proprietary feature known as “Eco-Power” mode.
II. Regulates the Power level of the load (LED tube) and makes the brightness insensitive to the battery voltage variation.
III. This block also limits the maximum power that can be drawn from the battery. The Device comes with a factory programmed maximum power limit suitable for different power level of SHS.

Direct Drive for LED Lamp

The output is an accurate and highly regulated High Voltage DC which can drive LED lamps directly and no external driver is required. This special feature lowers the power consumption of the LED lamp by 20%, offers TRUE LED life ( 50,000 Hours) and lowers the cost of the lamp by as much as 30%. The output voltage level is high enough to be within the universal Voltage range (85-265 Volt) such that it can drive standard loads such as CFL, Mobile charger, Color TV etc.

Solar Charge Controller

This block uses linear charge control scheme with Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD) that monitors the battery status and protects the Battery from excessive discharge by regulating the load and High Voltage Disconnect (HVD) that monitors the battery status and protects the Battery from overcharging from the Solar Panel by controlling the Charging current.

AC Charging

Battery will be charged by both AC and solar Panel. AC charging will start when sunlight is low or none. This way battery will not be discharged rapidly and one can avail uninterrupted power supply even when grid is down or load shedding is active.


  • Integrated Complete Solar Electronics
    (Solar Charge Controller + DC/DC Converter+ LED Driver)
  • DC/DC converter with PWM control
  • Conversion Efficiency up to 95%
  • Very Low Static Loss for 24-hour ON operation
  • Waveform-DC
  • Highly Regulated output voltage
  • Active Power Limit ( internally)
  • Reverse polarities protection of PV and battery
  • Short-circuit protection at load terminal and panel terminal
  • “Eco-Power”(switch low) for significant energy saving
  • High Voltage to resolve voltage drop issue (Battery to Load, can use thin regular wire)
  • Output insensitive to load variation
  • Output insensitive to Battery voltage variation
  • No transient overshoot or undershoot at the output
  • Battery charging from AC when Sunlight is low or none.
  • Online system ( system will not shut down when grid is off)


  • On grid households or establishment as backup power
  • Off-Grid Solar System
  • SOLARIC driverless LED lamp with Dimming
  • Mobile phone, Lantern, Torch Charger
  • Any SMPS Charger for other appliances