Intelligent Delta Charging


Intelligent delta charge control is a brand new technology which may redefine the practice of using solar energy commercially or privately.

This technology allows us to run appliances from solar energy without discharging battery Ė on the other hand it also stores the remaining delta amount energy to batteries for backup.

The intelligent monitoring system constantly surveys the sun, load, and battery condition to determine whether to run load without discharging battery directly from solar, charge battery if battery is low, or discharge battery when there is no sunlight.

This intelligent decision making capacity makes the delta charging system very efficient, safe, and productive to all kinds of institutions.


  • Delta amount battery charging.
  • Controlled battery discharging
  • Run loads directly from solar without battery
  • LCD (16*2) display
  • Very low self-power consumption.
  • Long life time
  • Easy to operate.
  • Protection: short circuit, overload, reverse polarity.
  • Sun condition monitoring
  • Reset option to get back to default.

Easy Operation



  • DC solar grid system.
  • Commercial institutions (bank, corporate offices).
  • Solar irrigation system.
  • Industrial facilities.