Digital DC Energy Meter

DC Energy MeterDC Pre paid Energy Meter measures energy consumption & counts down balance in TAKA as per tariff setting. The tariff setting is adjustable after commissioning if required. The meter shuts down load on low balance.

The meter displays useful informations in LCD like: connected load, operation voltage, balance, cumulative energy usage after each recharge, any fault conditions.
The meter is power limited, this features is particularly useful in applications like solar grid where energy is expensive and to be predictably distributed. The meter has impressive electrical attributes like greater than 99 percent measurement accuracy and very low static loss (3mA).
The recharge code used is based on random numbers and is completely secure to user.

Easy Operation:

Code generator (by operator) Recharge (by operator or customer) Balance Countdown Shutdown on Zero Balance Code generation (by operator)

Electrical Characteristics

Electronic meter

Parameter Type
Rated power 60-100W
Measurement accuracy >99%
Self consumption <1 W
Overload protection Instant load disconnect
Short circuit protection Instant load disconnect

LCD display

Parameter Description
TK Remaining Balance in Taka
WH (Watt-Hour) Cumulative Energy consumption in Watt-Hour from last recharge point
V,I Output voltage, Load Current
Meter ID Unique ID for each meter
Error Messages OL: Overload, SC: Short circuit. Invalid Entry.

Users Instruction

Features Observation
On/Off Load switching can be done by pressing A. Display shows either load Off or the connected load in Watt.
I, V By pressing B users can observe the Output Voltage in Volt & load current in milli ampere in the display
Code or Password input To enter the recharge code press C and input the numerical strings correctly from the keypad. To accept the code by the meter press C. To move the pointer press * & #
Overload Protection Display shows Overload. Disconnect extra loads and switch on the meter pressing A
Short-circuit protection When Shorted in load terminal, Internal Current Limit will kick it off. Display shows Short-circuit. Remove short-circuit and switch on the meter pressing A