Partnership Signed with RDF

Posted on: September 11th, 2014

SOLARIC welcomes its new partner, RDF (Resource Development Foundation). RDF will be a new hand in the distribution of SOLARIC’s 3G-Solar Home Systems. RDF is a non-profit organization that provides funding in the areas of new innovation, problem identification, saving life and livelihood, technology transfer, Solar Home System (SHS), Capacity building, Green Power solution through Solar System in irrigation, Disaster Management, introducing Entrepreneurship Development Scheme (EDSc), and Green Resource Mobilization Program (GRMP) and more. With RDF, we are helping to improve the lives in need through delivering affordable, and appropriate technologies.

Agreement signed on 11.09.2014 where;
a. RDF shall purchase Solar Optimizer & LED Strip.
b. With the LED strip, they will manufacture their own LED Light
c. Both party shall maintain exclusivity
d. RDF shall not sell optimizer & LED Light at SOLARIC selling points.