Solar Optimizer

slide04Benefits of using “Solaric Solar Optimizer”:

-It converts the original Battery Voltage (12V DC) to High Voltage (125V DC).

– Standard wiring reduces cost

– Unlimited distance from battery to light source

Limitation of 1G & 2G solar system:

– Expensive and thick load wire
– Supports only non-standard load (12V DC) – User cannot use standard Off-the-Shelf appliances
– Limited load distance

– Significant power loss in the load wire

– Difficult wiring and higher cost


Solar optimizer_1Solar Optimizer is a highly efficient DC/DC converter that produces high voltage DC from low voltage battery input. Conversion loss is so low that it is now possible to use it in the low power off-grid SOLAR applications such as Solar Home System (SHS), a program promoted by IDCOL in Rural areas in Bangladesh.


The converter allows the user to use LED tubes, mobile phone charger, Lantern charger etc from low voltage DC battery. The integrated Solar Charge Controller provides the necessary functions and protections to charge the battery from PV panels

Key Functions

a. Standard Voltage

Produces high voltage DC from low voltage Battery input.

Key Feature: Very low static loss and high efficiency to make the device ideal for low power solar applications.

b. LED Driver

Controls the luminance level of the SOLARIC LED Tubes by user control and saves energy from the battery to elongate the battery backup time. This function is a proprietary feature known as “Eco-Power” mode.

Key Feature: The Optimizer produces highly regulated DC voltage at the output (no variation with battery voltage variation or load condition) which can then drive the string of LED directly in voltage mode. This feature known as “direct drive” eliminates the need to have a driver in the LED lamp and thereby saves energy as much as 20% and elongates the life of the lamp by 10 times. (SHOULD BE MADE MORE SIMPLE FOR NON TECHNICAL READERS)

c. PWM Solar Charge controller

3 state PWM solar charge control algorithm improves the charging efficiency of the battery from PV and elongates the battery life by preventing it from being over-charged. The Solar charge controller also incorporates the LVD (low voltage disconnect) function to prevent the battery from over discharge.