Solaric 360 Degree

Bangladesh, where nearly 75 percent of the area is rural off-grid have been hindered in their development and progression by inadequate, limited or no access to electricity. Due to the high level of solar irradiation across Bangladesh and widespread acceptance of solar technology owing to the country’s successful Solar Home System program and strong quality control imposed by Infrastructure Development Company Limited (“IDCOL”, the independent government agency that oversees the SHS program). Bangladesh has been selected as a major country to be brought under the renewable energy initiative started through IDCOL. SOLARIC envisions a Bangladesh and other rural countries, where they finally have access to affordable, adequate, and reliable energy all year round so they no longer have to live in the dark. There are many other distributed Solar Energy systems already in existence that many of the population is using but these systems are only affordable by the top of the pyramid users (20%). The existing solar home systems, in their eyes, are outdate due to the fact that they are low voltage and only support a few light bulbs and can only run outdated, inferior appliances. SOLARIC sees the next level and introduced introducing 125V “3G Solar Home System” and the 220V community sharing system, “Nano-Grid”. Solarics vision, and innovations go far beyond just lighting.

How do our Users view SOLARIC?

SOLARIC has introduced two innovative technologies – The “3G Solar” Home System, a revolutionary innovation that unlike other existing home systems which are low voltage (12V), 3G Solar is a 125V system which has removed all the limitations of older models, and the “Nano-Grid” which is a community sharing system where one system supports 50 homes and irrigation pumps.
For 1G and 2G Solar Home Systems, users were once limited to 12V systems which they view as outdated and the improvement to their life were very minimal. Solarics has addressed the limitations of older systems by incorporating its “optimizer” technology which allows our system to produce utility level 125V. For the first time, never before seen in older generation systems, we have enabled users to run any standard off the shelve appliance and power more appliances. Use of these standard appliances are cheaper than having to purchase special lights or appliances that use special lamps often causing them to be more expensive. Our users who have upgraded to “3G Solar” technology are living far more improved lifestyles and are paying far less for energy than through competing systems.

Solarics community energy sharing system the “Nano-Grid” has decreased the price of electricity to the end-users significantly compared to any other solar home system or other grid systems such as Mini and AC Grids. By enabling a community of homes (40-50) to share one solar panel, battery, and sharing of the energy cost the capital and operation costs have been drastically reduced. Furthermore, SOLARIC has enabled farming communities to more affordably run small irrigation pumps boosting the farming productivity, therefore, increasing their economic conditions. The population of these rural areas who were once living under such limited capabilities or the inability to afford any form of present Solar systems, they now have access to reliable and affordable energy to both bottom and top of the pyramid users. Solarics solutions have provided an overwhelming experience to the off-grid population. The people of the areas have embraced Solarics solutions as it has, and continues to improve their lives far greater than any other means in the industry.

What our VIPs are saying about SOLARIC

U.S. Ambassador to Solaric, Dan Mozena.

Bangladesh, considered a tiny piece of land on a global level scale, is actually, by population, the 8th largest country in the world with a population of 163,654,860 and increasing – Such a large population in such a small land. Bangladesh is considered one of the most over populated, poor countries in the world and most of the population, who have extremely low incomes, live in off-grid rural lands (75 percent). These areas are not subsidized by the governments and very few of them are able to afford any existing Solar Home Systems. Solarics focus is to address these issues through the application of appropriate technologies and updating older generation limited systems. The company strives for complete rural electrification of Bangladesh and extending its reach around the globe. Dan Mozena, U.S. Ambassador for SOLARIC, sees a future where no part of Bangladesh has to live in the dark. “Everywhere I go, I see a rich country says Dan Mozena”. Furthermore, Mozena Says “I see something new – empowered by electricity through Nano technology. Bangladesh is making history and is showing the way for the world”. Mozena and Solaric shares the same vision. Mozena supports, advocates and acknowledges Solarics vision and innovations to revolutionize and enable the population of Bangladesh and the world hindered in development and progression due to the lack of inadequate and affordable energy.

Kyle F Kelhofer , Country Manager of IFC

“IFC’s mission is to support private sector to improve lives and I cannot think of a more representative company other than SOLARIC”. Kyle says, “I also have a dream to stand in West Africa with my solaric products helping solaric expand to help improve lives all across the world. We are delighted to support SOLARIC.”

Senior VP of Islami Bank, Bangladesh, Mr. Mizanur Rahman

“Solaric is a green energy technology initiative”. Mr. Mizanur Rahman is patronizing all banks and financial institutions to promote SOLARIC and the Green Banking technology.
He Strongly believes solaric is a Sustainable Business model and a green banking finance project. They feel “proud to be associated with SOLARIC”. Rahman says, “Islami bank will support and always stand with SOLARIC. SOLARIC, with Islami Banks support, sees a golden future ahead for Bangladesh”

CEO of RDF Mr. Golum Mustafa
“I appreciate, Mr. Didar Islam for his innovation, creation, and innovative ideas”.
Mr. Mustafa believes that, at Solaric, true, and revolutionary innovation is taking place.
He believes that Solarics technology will be exceptional for Bangladesh, its economy, and its people.